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Tonic Design Selected for WCPSS Master Professional Services Agreement

Tonic Design Selected for WCPSS Master Professional Services Agreement

To provide architecture services for Wake County public schools. 
Tonic Design

Vinny Petrarca and Katherine Hogan, AIA

Tonic Design, a multi-award-winning architectural firm based in Raleigh, NC, has qualified to provide architecture services to the Wake County Public School System, the largest school district in North Carolina, under the WCPSS’s Master Professional Services Agreements.

To qualify, Tonic Design co-owners Vincent Petrarca and Katherine Hogan, AIA, met all criteria including:

  1. Expertise in the type of work the WCPSS would require.
  2. Number of years the firm has been in business.
  3. Successful past performance on similar projects that included handling budgets and scheduling.
  4. Awards and professional acknowledgments with letters of recommendation.
  5. Status as a minority business with 51 percent of the firm owned by, in this case, a woman.

Hogan, who is also a member of the City of Raleigh’s Appearance Commission, and Petrarca presented their qualifications to the WCPSS’s Facilities Design and Construction department. The agreement is in effect for two years

Tonic Design is currently working on a “Maker Space,” a new building for an existing private elementary school. The school’s administration wants to expand pedagogical opportunities through long-term projects and new technologies. Inspired by their mission, the partners have based the building’s form on sustainable design strategies. A large roof, for example, will define adaptable volumes of interior space and will let the students witness the sun tracking through the building during the school day,

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INDEPENDENT WEEKLY: Vote! Best of the Triangle readers poll…

INDEPENDENT WEEKLY: Vote! Best of the Triangle readers poll…


Voting in The Independent’s 2014 Best In The Triangle readers poll has begun. The polls close at 11:59 pm on April 20.

Vote for your favorite businesses, people and more in six major categories: Wine & Dine, Out & About, Goods, Services, Odds & Ends and our Comments section.

Speaking of services…. we welcome your vote for Tonic Design + Tonic Construction for ARCHITECT! Click here to start voting…

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NCSU TECHNICIAN: "Professor awarded for sustainable home design"

NCSU TECHNICIAN: “Professor awarded for sustainable home design”

The Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture recently awarded adjunct N.C. State architecture professor Vincent Petrarca the Faculty Design Award, for his modern single-family home design.

Petrarca, a co-owner, designer and contractor of Tonic Design, was the mastermind behind the award-winning, environmentally-friendly house located in Hillsborough, North Carolina.

Petrarca, an adjunct professor at the University, said N.C. State had a huge impact on his success as an architect.  READ MORE…

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CHEVROLET.com – DESIGN & TECHNOLOGY: "With its sleek design and modernist appeal, the 2014 Impala is your dream car. How about a home to match?"

CHEVROLET.com – DESIGN & TECHNOLOGY: “With its sleek design and modernist appeal, the 2014 Impala is your dream car. How about a home to match?”

By Greg BarberaChevrolet Logo

You love your 2014 Impala. You love its sleek, sculpted lines and the smooth ride it offers courtesy of its eye-pleasing aerodynamic design. You love the masterful craftsmanship that has resulted in your rewarding driving experience. So what’s the problem? You really want the right place to park it—specifically, a home that matches your design sensibility and your Impala’s striking appearance and head-turning profile. Here’s a quick tour of stylish, modernist residences that might fit the bill.

This may come as a surprise to some people, but the Triangle area of North Carolina—which includes Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill—has the third largest concentration of modernist homes in the country. Only Los Angeles and Chicago have more. These are not just homesteads; like your vehicle, they’re pieces of art. Raleigh’s Tonic Design recently built a house for local musician Michael Rank that turns the heads of passersby… READ MORE…

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TRIANGLE BUSINESS JOURNAL: "Vinny Petrarca | People"

TRIANGLE BUSINESS JOURNAL: “Vinny Petrarca | People”

  • Vinny Petrarca, Tonic Design + Tonic Construction

    Vinny Petrarca, Tonic Design + Tonic Construction. © Allen Weiss

    Date added:  May 31, 2013

  • Submission Type:  Professional Recognition
  • Current employer:  Tonic Design + Tonic Construction
  • Current title/position:  principal
  • Reason for being recognized:  Award-winning designer Vinny Petrarca has been selected to serve as a juror for the 2013 Builder’s Choice and Custom Home Design Awards, a national competition… VIEW POST
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    INHABITAT.com: "Tonic Design's Energy-Efficient Smart-Stell Opens Up To The Outdoors In North Carolina"

    Smart-Stell-House-tonic-design-537x395By Ana Lisa Alperovich
    The Smart-Stell House is an energy-efficient North Carolina home made from standard off-the-shelf materials. Created by Tonic Design, the residence features a discreet facade that opens up in the back to a beautiful park, trees and a private lake.
    Smart-Stell House is a one-story horizontal house that likes to keep its privacy from the outside world featuring a band of clerestory windows on the top. Envisioned as a “home and vacation home” at the same time, it opens up to the back welcoming nature in.

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    DESIGNBLOOM: "tonic design: crabill modern residence"

    american firm tonic design has finished the ‘crabill modern,’ a residence in the middle of a clearing in the surrounding five-acre lush forest property near hillsborough, north carolina. the family wanted a dwelling sensitive to the natural ecosystem, that encouraged creativity and provided a comfortable and interesting space to live. taking cues from the barn shed typology, the contemporary reinterpretation skews the floor plan, with perforated and solid corten panels fulfill the purpose of shading, screening and protecting from the natural elements without the need for further maintenance. READ MORE

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