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DWELL: "Piedmont Retreat, Durham, NC"

DWELL: “Piedmont Retreat, Durham, NC”

Tonic Design

Corten® steel provides a modest, low-maintenance exterior (it will never need painting) that will eventually weather to blend into the natural setting. Photo: Tzu Chen Photography

Wrapped in vertical stripes of Corten® steel street-side, with vast expanses of floor-to-ceiling glass and cantilevered windows overlooking the forest behind it, a modern house in the corner of a cul-de-sac in Durham dubbed “Piedmont Retreat” was honored recently with a Merit Award during the 2017 AIA North Carolina Residential Design Awards program.
Katherine Hogan, AIA, and Vinny Petrarca of Tonic Design in Raleigh are responsible for this creative two-story, single-family structure that will, as the steel continues to weather, blend into the natural setting and never need painting. Their clients loved the concept since they wanted a low-maintenance house with a modest public presence. READ MORE…

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2015 Dwell Design Guide

2015 Dwell Design Guide

tonic is featured in this year’s Dwell’s Definitive List of Architects and Designers Worldwide:

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DWELL: "A Gothic Inspired Modern Home"

DWELL: “A Gothic Inspired Modern Home”

By Diana Buddsrank-residence-exterior-rectangle
Modernism’s crisp lines and ornament-free surfaces bear little resemblance to Gothic architecture’s gingerbread house–like flourishes. But in the North Carolina residence belonging to a musician and his son, Medieval structures informed the contemporary design. Michael Rank approached Raleigh-based firm Tonic to create a house that emphasized his love of tall, vertical spaces and staircases. A professional musician, Rank also requested space for a recording studio. Privacy was paramount as was room for his collection of art and muscle cars. Tonic took all the requirements and delivered a thoughtfully planned two-bedroom, two-and-a-half-bath house at about $200 per square foot. READ MORE…

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DWELL: "Region of Honor"

The Crabill House

Tuned into its sylvan setting, this affordable green home in Hillsborough, North Carolina, is a modern take on the surrounding centuries-old structures.
By Diana Budds
Historic barns dot the countryside around Hillsborough, a region that traces its agricultural roots to the 1750s. So when John and Stacy Crabill contacted Tonic to design their new home, the firm gleaned inspiration from the local typology while taking things in a decidedly modern direction.
“They really trusted us to do something different,” says Tonic’s architectural designer, Katherine Hogan. READ MORE…

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Raleigh’s Tonic Design | Tonic Construction with Mike Cindric are recipients of an Award of Merit from the Inform Awards.

June 25, 2009 (RALEIGH, NC) – Tonic Design | Tonic Construction with Mike Cindric are recipients of  a 2009 Inform Award of Merit for their Art As Shelter project. Two hundred and nine entries in interior design, landscape architecture, and object design from architects, interior designers, landscape architects, furniture designers, industrial designers, students, and faculty from all over the mid-atlantic region were evaluated according to four general questions: Is it an innovative solution to site or program? Does it demonstrate a high level of evident craftsmanship? Does it demonstrate a high level of conceptual rigor? Is it a unique intervention?
Designed and built specifically as an integral component of the North Carolina Museum of Art’s “art-in-service” initiative, “Art as Shelter” offers visitors a sheltered place to sit and reflect upon the museum sculpture park and public greenway. The pavilion can be viewed as an object in the landscape or experienced from within, framing views of the sculptures, trail and the adjacent prairie.
“It has an ephemeral quality as an object, but it also has a definite sense of space,” notes one juror. “Sometimes when you see a project, it just hits you — and this pavilion does that.”
Large interior clear spans promote the use as an open-air classroom, a beautiful indoor/outdoor setting for teaching about art and nature. Docent-led student groups utilize the space as a studio; where folding tables, folding stools, and art-making materials are stored in frosted-acrylic clad boxes that double as benches and night time illumination. The metallic “skin” of the pavilion reflects its natural surroundings by taking on the colors of the grass and sky, or at times completely disappearing into a moiré pattern of light and shadow.
Tonic Design and Tonic Construction have won several American Institute of Architect awards at the local, state and regional levels and have been featured in Dwell, Residential Architect, and Custom Home magazines. “Art as Shelter” has been featured in MetalMag Architecture and winner of an AIA award of merit and a Sir Walter Raleigh Award. For more information visit www.tonic-design.com.
Recently Tonic Construction has been named the preferred builder for the New American Home Development, which will feature the designs of 12 local architects. Information at: www.trianglemodernisthouses.com/nah.htm.

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