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CUSTOM HOME: "Hillcrest House Addition — An Innovative Approach To Old + New"

CUSTOM HOME: “Hillcrest House Addition – An Innovative Approach To Old + New”

Tonic Design Modern Addition to Old Traditional House

During design development, a sectional opportunity presented itself that would avoid a head-on collision between old and new: a slender, double-height transitional space.
Photo by Keith Isaacs; diagram by Tonic Design

The project involved designing a modern, 1500-square-foot addition for a two-story, red brick, Georgian Revival-style house built in 1916 in a historic inner-city neighborhood with narrow lots and minimal set-backs between houses. The addition would become the primary hub of activity for a growing family and an ideal space for entertaining. Programmatically, it would include an open kitchen, dining, living area and a spacious master bedroom suite... READ MORE 

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ARCH DAILY.com: "Piedmont Retreat/Tonic Design"

ARCH DAILY.com: “Piedmont Retreat/Tonic Design”

Tonic Design Raleigh NC

Rear elevation overlooking the forest. (Tzu Chen Photography)

Wrapped in vertical stripes of Corten® steel street-side, with vast expanses of floor-to-ceiling glass and cantilevered windows overlooking the forest behind it, a modern house sits quietly in the corner of a cul-de-sac in Durham.
Katherine Hogan, AIA, and Vinny Petrarca of Tonic Design in Raleigh are responsible for this creative two-story, 3800-square-foot, single-family structure that will, as the steel continues to weather, blend into the natural setting and never need painting. Their clients loved the concept since they wanted a low-maintenance house with a modest public presence.
The owners also wanted to maintain a direct visual connection to their beautiful wooded site. The abundant glazing fulfills that wish. READ MORE…

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CARY MAGAZINE: "Dream Homes"

By Emily Uhland
The Modern Getaway, Bahama, NC
Spacious open interiors, lack of ornamentation, expansive windows and inventive architecture are all characteristics of Modernist homes, and all are represented in this custom home designed and built by Raleigh’s Tonic Design and Construction. “The space between the structures — we thought about that just as much as we thought about the actual building,” said designer Katherine Hogan. READ MORE & VIEW THE GALLERY…


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