CUSTOM HOME: "GREENville House, Greenville, N.C. Custom Home / 3,000 to 5,000 Square Feet"

May-June 2011


By Bruce D. Snider
The owners of this new LEED Silver-rated residence did their sustainability homework in advance. “They knew about solar and geothermal from the beginning,” says project designer Katherine Hogan. That head start allowed Hogan and principal designer Vincent Petrarca to weave green features into the fabric of the building, rather than tack them on as options after the fact. READ MORE…

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DESIGNBOOM: "tonic design: art as shelter"

‘art as shelter’ by raleigh based tonic design is a pavilion constructed on the sculpture park
of the north carolina museum of art. designed and built as an integral part of the museum’s
‘art-in-service’ project, the structure provides a space to sit and reflect on the surrounding
wooded site… READ MORE…

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