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Raleigh Police Memorial

We welcome the challenge that the Raleigh Police Memorial presents: it must be honest, authentic, and representative of the city these officers served; it must be dignified yet touch visitors’ emotions; it must honor and respect the fallen officers’ memories; and it must be a reminder to all who see it that police officers willingly put themselves in harm’s way every day to serve and protect the people of this city. Free of kitsch or imitation, the Memorial should be a place to contemplate the service and sacrifice of all law enforcement officers, especially those who have fallen in the line of duty.

We understand the level of responsibility involved in a project of this prominence and visibility. A successful solution will require a careful blending of urban design, space planning, object making, storytelling, and the creation of a visitor’s experience that involves symbolism, memory, and honor. We welcome the opportunity to help you create a Raleigh Police Memorial for Fallen Officers that is compassionate, compelling, and memorable.


with David Swanson ASLA and Mike Cindric
text by Mike Cindric