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carisoprodol order online Tonic Design Tonic Construction is an award-winning modern design-build firm in Raleigh, North Carolina.


Residential Architect2013 Rising Star Award
AIA National2010 Art as Shelter
AIA South Atlantic Region2016 Honor Award - Crabill Modern

2009 Honor Award – Art as Shelter

2003 Merit Award – Honeymoon Cottage
AIA North Carolina2017 Kamphoefner Prize - For outstanding contributions to modernism in architecture

2017 Merit - Piedmont Retreat

2016 Merit - 1700 Glenwood

2015 Merit Award – Rank Residence

2014 Merit Award – Bickett Studio

2012 Merit Award – Crabill Modern

2010 Merit Award – Smart Residence

2010 COTE Award – GREENville House

2008 Merit Award – Art as Shelter

2006 Honor Award – Chiles Residence

2002 Merit Award – Honeymoon Cottage
AIA Triangle North Carolina2016 Merit Award - 1700 Glenwood

2016 Merit Award - Crabill Modern

2014 Residential Tour Award – Hawthorne Residence

2013 Merit Award - Rank Residence

2013 Residential Tour Award – Lanning Residence

2013 Residential Tour Award – Bickett Studio

2012 Honor Award – Smart Residence

2012 Residential Tour Award – Crabill Modern

2010 Merit Award – GREENville House

2010 Gail Lindsey Award – GREENville House

2009 Merit Award – Art as Shelter

2007 Merit Award – Collins Residence

2006 Honor Award – Chiles Residence

2006 Merit Award – McCowan Kitchen
WAN House of the Year2006 Long List – Chiles Residence
Custom Home2008 Merit Award – Chiles Residence

2005 Merit Award – McCowan Kitchen
Sir Walter Raleigh Awards2017 Rehabilitation/Historic Preservation – 1700 Glenwood

2010 Commercial – Bickett Studio

2009 Historic Preservation/Rehabilitation – Chiles Residence

2008 Site Enhancement – Art as Shelter
George Matsumoto Prize2015 Second Prize – Crabill Modern

2014 First Prize – Smart-Stell Residence

2013 First Prize – Rank Residence

2012 Third Prize – GREENville House
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