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carisoprodol order online Tonic Design Tonic Construction is an award-winning modern design-build firm in Raleigh, North Carolina.

GREENville House

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Driven by technologically advanced systems, sensitive building placement and site orientation, the house tracks the sun as it stretches away from its own shadow. Private spaces fill narrow bars, extending into the landscape and away from a double height, public volume created to satisfy the requests of the clients’ young and expanding family. These bands of rooms allow natural light to be captured, easy cross-ventilation and maximized solar access. Photovoltaic panels and perforated aluminum screens work in concert to provide shading and generate energy to each of these bars.

The clients and design team envisioned the house to be a special place that would serve as a model of environmental sensitivity. Atop the thermo-plastic roofing membrane, a system of solar thermal and photovoltaic horizontal panels harness energy to supply hot water and electricity. As these panels wrap vertically, they become perforated aluminum shading screens that lessen the cooling needs of the building. Geothermal trenches capture Earth’s energy to meet heating and cooling requirements. Low maintenance and long-lasting materials including Western Red cedar, FSC ipe, zinc siding, Norman brick and aluminum-clad windows complete the exterior. Rainwater cisterns sustain the drought tolerant indigenous landscape. Not only did this home obtain a LEED silver rating, but it has also been certified by Energy Star and Indoor Air Plus.

Greenville, NC
LEED for Homes – Silver

2012 George Matsumoto Prize, Third Prize
2010 AIA North Carolina COTE Award
2010 AIA Triangle Merit Award
2010 AIA Triangle Gail Lindsey Award for Sustainability
2010 Architectural Record purchase carisoprodol online April
purchase carisoprodol - "Award-Winning: Five Eco-Conscious Homes"

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