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DA Sharpe Residence

Doug and Ann Sharpe chose the existing 1970’s modern house because of its wetland site and connection to the Concord River.  Although well sited, the existing house was in serious disrepair due to neglect and unsuccessful original detailing. Serious water damage, mold and rodent infestation all precluded a simple renovation of the existing structure. The requirements for successfully designing an Energy Star house, including new windows, mold remediation, and insulation high values, left only a small portion of the house and existing foundation to be salvaged.

Surrounded by wetlands and bordered by a bend in the Concord River in Eastern Massachusetts, the Sharpe residence is defined by its site in both form and concept. An existing marker in the landscape, a linear canal runs through the wetland to the river, creating a clear axial path. Anchoring the renovated house to the site, this canal forms an axis that organizes the three main spatial volumes. The composition of the house emphasizes the intimate relationship that exists between the river landscape and the site. Framed views from within the house consistently reference back to the surrounding landscape. The wetland path and marsh vista guide the procession through the home, connecting the spaces and their relationship to the context beyond.

The landscape architect was a critical component of the design team, which generated an integrated design of building and site. In response to the wetland and river landscape, filtration plants were chosen and strategically located on the site to filter the water prior to flowing back into the wetland system. The filtration bands add a unique aesthetic and functional layer to the composition of the overall project.

Concord, MA

Project Architect: Heather Washburn AIA Calico Studios