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carisoprodol order online Tonic Design Tonic Construction is an award-winning modern design-build firm in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Bugg House

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Set in a quiet pine forest just outside of Durham, Tonic Construction served as the builder for this modern concrete and glass house.



The 4500-square-foot residence, designed by Kenneth Hobgood Architects, challenged typical construction techniques in order to achieve large clear spans and expansive window walls.

The house is organized as a series of four pavilions, connected by both exterior walkways and glass-enclosed corridors. The core elements – kitchen, bathrooms, garage and storage spaces – are housed in cast-in-place concrete volumes and stand in rich contrast to the glass and oak woodwork. The organization of the house created a central entrance courtyard, with concrete stepping stones leading through the courtyard and into the glass and concrete foyer. Although the primary living spaces face north, a wrap-around clerestory window allows an abundance of natural light into each space.

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Tonic Construction

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