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carisoprodol order online Tonic Design Tonic Construction is an award-winning modern design-build firm in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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September 25, 2017 (Raleigh, NC) — Katherine Hogan, AIA, and Vincent Petrarca, partners in life and in the award-winning Raleigh firm Tonic Design, were honored to receive the 2017 Kamphoefner Prize at the AIA North Carolina Design Conference held in Wilmington September 13-15. […]

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There is an essential need for alternatives to the single-family house.                   Multigenerational households are not a new phenomenon, but are likely to increase significantly in the future due to longer life […]

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Red Hill is a residence for a young couple on a wooded ten acre site in Hillsborough, North Carolina.     All of the spaces are contained by a single roof form. The program is organized so that all spaces […]

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Educational models are constantly evolving. This is a new building for an existing elementary school interested in expanding the pedagogical opportunities with long term projects and new technologies.   The building form is informed by sustainable strategies and reflected in […]

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  Collaborative project with Brooks + Scarpa to realize their design for a single-family residence in Hillsborough North Carolina. Situated on a large wooded parcel, the loft-like house formally creates a contrast between an interior narrow courtyard and the expansive […]

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Perched above Crabtree Creek and the Raleigh Greenway, this new residence is designed to accommodate a young family. The compact footprint responds to the steep wooded site, while the main public space opens up to panoramic views of the site. […]

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Our client, a family of three, all had distinct criteria for the house. Each experience is articulated by a unique portal, responsive to the interior program and the framing of the gardens beyond. Working backwards through the wall section and […]

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Oriented specifically to capture views of the piedmont region mountain lake this residence is sited on a small ridge surrounding Lake James. This family wanted a remote getaway that was a halfway point between their full-time residences. The intention is […]

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Located in Hillsborough, North Carolina, this residence was designed as a modern retreat. The white form in the forest undulates to create various scales of courtyard spaces. Tonic Construction partnered with Phil Szostak Architect to realize his design. Hillsborough, North […]

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