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carisoprodol order online Tonic Design Tonic Construction is an award-winning modern design-build firm in Raleigh, North Carolina.


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A carisoprodol buy uk firm,carisoprodol buy overnight, an architectural design studio, and buy carisoprodol online overnight, a North Carolina-based construction company, are two separate but interacting entities. Together, they create sensitive, modern, construction-led design solutions for all building types, including award-winning modern homes/new home construction, commercial, and cultural design and construction.

With the flexibility to take on the role of architect (designer), or general contractor (builder for other architects), or both (designer/builder), our knowledge of construction and design is a valuable editing device for the work we produce, and it increases the scope of our influence on the final product. At no point during the design/build process are we leaving decisions up to third parties who may not share our passion — and our clients’ or other architects’ passions — for seeing the original vision for a project through to completion. Ultimately, as the designer and contractor, we are responsible for building and implementing our own designs.

As a methodology, we embrace the influence of construction on design (construction-led design) and design on construction as the fundamental premise that defines our work.

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Katherine Hogan and Vinny Petrarca

Tonic Design + Tonic Construction is co-owned and operated by designers/principals Katherine Hogan, Associate AIA, LEED AP; and Vincent Petrarca, Associate AIA.

Street address: 209 Bickett Blvd., Raleigh, NC27608

Phone: 919.803.4278


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